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Bookwatch Carson's Bookshelf: The Last Califórnio, Robert Sanábria Paraguas Books, $16.95.

"The battle against corruption is a struggle that rings more true than ever in today's world. "The Last Californio" tells the story of Gar Montalvo, a Mexico City Journalist who faced familial annihilation with him as the only survivor by the order of a government minister. Across international borders, he struggles to survive and bring down a corrupt system, and gain something that resembles justice. "The Last Californio" is an exciting blend of intrigue and thriller, highly recommended."

The Last Californio (Paperback); 5.0 out of 5 stars.
"A rippin' good read...," June 19, 2011. By S. Albrecht "PariserCritic" (Berlin) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME).

"The Last Californio is a well-researched, modern tale about the long-standing Mexican-American land conflict, presenting biting commentary on the treatment of latino immigrants to the US today. Gar, a journalist in Mexico City, is forced to flee the country following the murder of his parents. His harrowing illegal crossing into the US launches an unforgiving journey into a hostile environment where he ultimately finds support and discovers his family's legacy. The story examines the destructive limits of obsession and the value of trust. In light of current US debate on immigration, this is a timely tale for all who want to understand the human desire for justice."

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