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Selected Commissions and Collections

Commissions: (Partial List)
         “Triple Step,” Paul Laurence, Princeton, NJ, 2010;
         “Trio VII,” Milton Park Mall, Atlanta, GA, 2008;
         “Trio VI,” Village of Palatine, Palatine Illinois, 2008;
         “Plymouth Fountain,” Butterball Farms, Grand Rapids, MI, 2007;
         "Trio IV," Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Rockville, MD, 2006;
         "Trio III," Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Terkowitz, McLean, VA, 2005;
         "Menorahs," Beth Sholom Synagogue, Frederick, MD, 2004;
         "Ner Tamid," Kemp Mill Synagogue, Silver spring, MD, 2000;
         "Trio," Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Hodges, Eugene OR, 1997-98;
         "Manifestation," Beth Sholom Community Center, Frederick, MD, 1995;
         "Double Eagle," Dr. & Mrs. Monroe Neuman, Chevy Chase, MD, 1995;
         "Eternal Light," Beth Sholom Synagogue, Frederick, MD, 1995;
         "Urban Arbor I," Dr. William Rutherford, Muzak, France, 1993;
         "Double Eagle,"  Waldy Naimie,  Washington, DC, 1991;
         "Stele XVII,"  Charles E. Smith Companies, Alexandria, VA, 1987;
         "Stele XV," The Marriot Corporation, Richmond, VA, 1986;
         "Lullaby of Birdland," Oakview Elementary School, Silver Spring, MD, ‘86;
         "Legends I & II," Baltimore Plaza Hotel, Baltimore, MD, 1985;
         "We Tame the Thunderbolt," Intl Bro Elect Wrkrs, Wash., DC, ‘85;
         "The Herald," M/G Architectural Products, Inc., Bowling Green, VA, 1983;
         'Moment of Flowering," MNCP&Planning Comm., Walker Mill Park, MD, ‘82;
         "Origins I & II," Redevelopment Authority, City of Philadelphia, PA, 1980;
Public Collections:
         The Snite Museum of Art, Notre Dame, IN;
         The Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, KS;
         The South Dakota Memorial Art Center, Brookings, SD;
         The Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, MN;
         Temple University, Philadelphia, PA;
         Arizona State University Art Collections, Tempe, AZ;
         Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS;
         F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater, Rockville, MD;
         The Richmond Convention Center, Richmond, VA;
         Beth Sholom Synagogue, Frederick, MD;


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