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Reviews and Endorsements

A Mexican American writes"...a memoir of pain and patriotism."

----"The Los Angeles Times"

"...the memoir of a Mexican-American man forced to renounce his own identity and culture in order to fit in with the dominant American culture."

---- Los Angeles Clarion Publications

"Stewing in the Melting Pot is autobiography as the most poignant kind of disclosure. The technique is honesty and the result is a portrait of emotional scarring on the face of success. If the child is father of the man, Robert Sanabria's days have been bound each to each by a memory of abandonment and forced cultural conversion. His book will stay news as long as ideologues on either side of the multi-cultural debate make a mockery of political correctness, that is, as far as one can see into the future."

----John Rolfe Gardiner
author, "Somwhere in France"

"Sanabria's unique memoir adds a fascinating volume to the growing list of autobiographical works that recount the experiences of Mexican Americans in the 20th Century. Revolving around stories of his life in a Methodist Church-run orphanage, the author {tells} amusing and sorrowful tales of what it was like to be a youngster in a Los Angeles-area home for abandoned Mexican American children during the Great Depression. Filled with moving accounts of how assimilation was forced upon the young Spanish-speaking charges of the home for children as well as candid reminiscences about life's trials and tribulations, "Stewing in the Melting Pot" contributes to an understanding of the Mexican American experience told from the vantage point of a middle-aged man looking back on his extraordinary childhood and the social forces that shaped him as an adult."

----Al Camarillo
Professor of History and Director,
Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity
Stanford University

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